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Meet Our Instructors

The Rouse team is a group of healers and instructors with hearts to serve the community.  







Dylan (she/her)

Dylan is an RYT-500, Kundalini CYT-200, and Ayurvedic Wellness
Educator. She discovered the
transformational power of a dedicated yoga practice while teaching abroad in 2014, and her entire life changed (for the better) because of it. The classes she leads are joyful, challenging, and empowering, with the goal of creating a safe space wherein all practitioners feel supported in exploring the edge of their comfort zone, and then build
the confidence to leap beyond it.

Sundarri is a Kriya-Initiated Yoga Teacher, Actress, Musician, and Friend. Through the power of breath-work, kriya, mantra, and asana you can expect to go on a journey through the self in Sundarri's classes. She leads with God-communion, heart, soul, and acceptance. Her goal is to make every student feel included, and a part of something bigger than themselves. 

Sundarri (she/her)

Esthefany (she/they)

Esthefany is originally from NYC, where she began her yoga training. She is trained in Ashtanga Yoga and Trauma Informed Yoga. When she’s not practicing yoga, you can find them studying herbs and making body oils. 



Jayadev (he/him)

Jayadev is a holistic yoga teacher whose classes are informed by vinyasa, bhakti flow, Iyengar, classical Tantra, and Himalayan Kundalini yoga. His classes are always different and can include asana, pranayam, kriya, laya movements, warrior breaths, and even dance. Jayadev sees yoga as a movement toward wholeness, inside and out. 


Scarlett (she/her)

Scarlett McCann is an LA -based yoga instructor who found the practice during an incredibly challenging time in her life. Using the many tools provided through yoga and meditation she has shifted her lifestyle, habits, and perspective to support a healthier body and mindset. Vinyasa-based, energetic, refreshing, and playful flows are combined with pranayama, yogic texts & scriptures, and astrology, to inspire transformation, connection with Self, and personal development.



Madeline (she/her)

Madeline completed her 200-hr training with the Soma Yoga Institute which emphasizes a therapeutic approach to yoga. Madeline turns to yoga as a practice for connecting with the body and self, and creating room for more receptivity and openness in the midst of uncertainty. She is a recent transplant to LA and was immediately drawn to the friendliness and positivity of the community at Rouse Yoga.



Lara (she/her)

Lara is a vinyasa, Hatha, restorative, pranayama, and aerial instructor who has been teaching at Rouse since 2020. She is passionate about anatomy and physiology and approaches her classes with an emphasis on safety, mental wellness, and fun! She believes that yoga should be accessible to everyone and incorporates props into her flows to ensure that each student can receive the benefits of the postures.


Morgaine (she/her)

Morgaine has studied and practiced the energy healing modality of crystalline harmonics for five years. She started hosted meditation and sound bath ceremonies four years ago. Her practices focuses on inner childhood work, chakra alignment, grounding, and manifestation. Meditations will also be tied to what is going on in the lunar and astrological cycles.



Sol (she/her) 

Sol is an intuitive Reiki Teacher who offers holistic healing services in SoCal and virtually. She offers reiki classes & therapy sessions, sound healing, meditation classes, holistic workshops, community events, and in the near future-- sacred doula services. Sol’s calling on earth is to raise the collective and planet's vibration to a higher frequency by guiding humans back to their authentic self. She creates space for self-love, healing, self-discovery, and soul connections to take place. 







Lea (she/her)

Lea discovered the path of Ashtanga yoga in Asheville NC at the end of the last millennium. Her travels took her to Los Angeles where she lives, practices and teaches in Echo Park. She has completed thousands of hours of training including the Agni Kundalini Intensive and Yoga as Therapy teacher training with Pranamandir Yoga and the Bhakti yoga training Power of Love with Yogala Studios. Lea’s all-levels vinyasa classes offer an energizing flow of poses for joy, balance and prana followed by deep relaxation. Pranayama (breathwork) and meditation are also explored.

Nick (he/him)

Nick sees movement practice as a powerful tool to nurture personal development, maintain fitness, and manage mental health. He has taught Capoeira classes since 1999, and, in 2021, he began his yoga teaching journey under Patrick Beach and Carling Harps with whom he completed his 200-hour and subsequent modules for Mobility, Advanced Asana, and Body Reads. Nick has a student-first, person-centered teaching philosophy and designs his classes to be adaptable and accessible.

Kyle (he/him)

Kyle is a Certified Mineral-Balancing Practitioner with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and Psychology. He was formally initiated by Sattva Yoga (based out of Rishikesh, India) into Kriya, Pranayama, and Mantra Meditation. He has been helping people with their health for over 3 years. 



Lotus Flower


Lotus Flower


Shaun (she/her)

Shaun’s passion for Yoga began in High School and contiuned through her personal practice, experiences and education. Shaun’s studies have allowed her to create inclusive, authentic, and rich classes that use ancient and classical yogic texts to support the many practices she offers Through imagination and breath, Shaun offers a well- rounded class to many populations, including the homeless and the incarcerated with Prison Yoga + Meditation. Shaun is also a Reiki Master and shares the healing practice of reiki in her
classes as well as the magic of dream yoga, yoga nidra and tantra.

Sprout (she/her)

Pauline (she/her)

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